Thank You Jesus for a lovely Thursday. Let us be thankful for everyday.

  1. Thank You Jesus for protecting me through Thursday. Please look after me so I do not sin and do other stupid things. Thank You so much Jesus.
  2. Thank You Father for a relatively efficient work day. Well, I didn’t get everything done as always but got somethings done.
  3. Thank Your Lord for my beautiful office. You are amazing office, why do you come after four year. Yet I will thank you and work extra hard. Also, expensive and ergonomic chair thank you for helping my spine and health overall.
  4. Thank You God for prayer. I did not have much time to pray these days but I prayed well for fifteen minutes. Thank You Lord. Let us always pray.
  5. Thank You Lord for my desktop. Yes, you work so hard  my beautiful black workhorse. I am sorry that I make you work so hard but I really appreciate you.

Thank You Jesus for everything. Let us always be more thankful.