Thank You Jesus for Friday. It was a busy Friday but You helped me through. Thank You Lord.

  1. Thank You Jesus for USC Accounting. I sometimes complain about a lot of things. But we have a great program and we are trying to make the accounting more effective and fun. Thank You Lord for Levanthal.
  2. Thank You Father for my good office. Ah, so nice to study there. Thank You for the spacious room and high ceilings.
  3. Thank You Jesus for good PhD friends. We are not so close but we are getting to know each other and I just pray that You give me the heart to pray for them more and serve them.
  4. Thank You Lord for good Friday night worship. We had few but we prayed. Let us keep praying for each other and work harder for Your Kingdom.
  5. Thank You God for my bed. It is so comfortable and lovely. Thank You so much Jesus.

Thank You Lord for all Your goodness. Let us always be more faithful and loving.