Thank You Jesus for a good Saturday. I really rested and it felt good. Lord, let me be refreshed in You everyday.

  1. Thank You God for all the good work You are doing in Indonesia. I am amazed by believers rising up and praying. Father, bless the Christians in Indonesia and let Your will be done.
  2. Thank You Jesus for good brothers and sisters in Christ. We are weak and clueless yet You love us so much that You have called us to serve. Let us not be lazy but instead let us be loving and diligent. Let us not get angry but really really pray for others.
  3. Thank You Father for my gym. It was a good workout. I should really workout more and be less afraid of hurting myself. Jesus, please give me the strength to workout more.
  4. Thank You Jesus for a calm heart. I used to get really stressed but now I trust You more. Jesus, please give me more faith so I can really be calm.
  5. Thank You God for all Your goodness. We often forget that You are really loving and that You do everything to protect us. Please let us always sing and praise You.

Jesus, we love You so much. Thank You for everything. Let us never stop praising You. Thank You Lord.