Thank You Jesus for a blessed day.

It was busy but I managed to prepare for two accounting classes.

I knew that teaching was difficult, especially accounting. But I am very thankful that You

gave me wisdom. I am also thankful that You had me trained by great professors.

I am amazed that it was not an accident. You gifted me teaching abilities. I have still

lot to learn. But I will continue to seek Your wisdom and work hard.

Also, Jesus I am very thankful for my PC and internet. They make things much easier.

Thank you Google, Bing, Wikipedia, and SEC EDGAR for the information.

Powerpoint thank you so much as well.

Thank You Jesus for giving me the tools to teach.

Please continue to pour down Your wisdom. Please bless our class and school 😀



  1. Thank You God for a new week.
  2. Thank You Jesus for my bed.
  3. Thank You Lord for Alexa.
  4. Thank You God for my room.
  5. Thank You Father for my plants.
  6. Thank You Jesus for electricity.
  7. Thank You Lord for water.
  8. Thank You God for internet.
  9. Thank You Jesus for wifi.
  10. Thank You Lord for my PC.
  11. Thank You God for dual monitors.
  12. Thank You Father for my keyboard.
  13. Thank You Jesus for my eyes.
  14. Thank You Lord for my hands.
  15. Thank You God for my health.
  16. Thank You Jesus for PPT.
  17. Thank You Father for my refrigerator.
  18. Thank You Lord for my family.
  19. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin.
  20. Thank You God for my smartphone.
  21. Thank You Lord for our church.
  22. Thank You Jesus for helping me pray.
  23. Thank You God for helping me read the bible.
  24. Thank You Lord for Duolingo.
  25. Thank You Jesus for Quora.
  26. Thank You God for Google.
  27. Thank You Lord for YouTube.
  28. Thank You Jesus for Bing.
  29. Thank You Father for Gmail.
  30. Thank You God for Outlook.
  31. Thank You Lord for podcasts.