Almost half of January is over-

How are the markets? Fine and you?

Well- I am ok. My gold stocks took a beating but I bought some more and I am hanging on-

My oil royalty trusts are doing well. Very nice jump by BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust (BPT).



Nice dividend yield of 20%+Β  and hopefully it will go to $10 with uncertainty in the Middle East-

I invested in BPT because the wells should have ran out long time ago but they keep pumping oil- So there is enough oil and what we needed is a price crash and then an increase in oil price- Excellent-

I should have put in more money but position sizing is still difficult despite five years of actively position sizing…But improving every day sort of – Thank You Jesus πŸ˜€

Permianville Royalty Trust (PVL) also showing a nice set up and favorable conditions like BPT-


Will buy soon and hope it shows similar pattern- I am diversifying a bit BPT is much older while PVL is younger and has a long production to come-

Besides royalty plays- I am digging into some international stocks. Especially Argentina, but I need to do more research-

Very thankful for another blessed day πŸ˜€ Very thankful that I can invest and learn something new every day-

Thank You Jesus for another wonderful day. Bless us and let us use our treasures to further Your Kingdom πŸ˜€

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